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While Steve has developed several speaking topics that are popular with audiences nationwide, he also offers custom-created speaking topics.

1. How to Connect Better with CFOs

Are you nervous when face-to-face with a CFO? Do you have a lot of questions but don’t know where to start, or if they would even be welcomed? Steve Watson has been a CFO and HR Director for more than 10 years at the same company. He is also a certified accountant and HR professional. As a result, he’s been in awkward situations and is prepared to guide you on the best way to connect with CFOs, to ask the right questions, and how to learn from them. Get ready to 10x your networking skills!

2. Learn the Best Way to Connect with HR professionals

HR professionals might be intimidating, but Steve Watson wants to teach you the best, fastest, and easiest ways to connect with them. Learn to speak their language and find out why they chose to work with people in everything from recruiting to training, resolving conflict, and dealing with benefits. Once you do, chances are you will not only see them in a whole new way, you will be able to find ways to partner with them.

3. How to Get Your Budgets and Projects Approved

It’s stressful planning and organizing your budgets and projects. Steve Watson understands this firsthand, from both sides of the budgeting fence. He has the experience to help you learn the steps you need to take, the information you need to include, and the way it needs to be presented to give you the best chance of moving forward.

4. How to Get a Seat at the Table with the C Suite

If it’s been your dream to get a seat at the table with the C suite executives, this is for you. Steve Watson has been a CFO for more than 10 years and works with C suite executives every day, for many different reasons. He knows what makes them tick, how to speak their language, and, best of all, what it takes to get there. Let him show you the best way to get to the top of the emerging leadership heap so you can be noticed and invited in.

5. Is Your Insurance Broker Working for You or the Insurance Companies?

Your health insurance premiums keep going up at an alarming pace each year, and your insurance broker looks at you and shrugs when you question it. Don’t accept that! Steve Watson will give you step-by-step, critical information you need to realign incentives that get your broker working for you! Get ready to find savings without compromising on quality or raising employee costs.

6. The Five Things Your Broker Won’t Tell You

There are things that your health insurance broker doesn’t want you to know. Why? Money. The less you know, the more they earn. Steve is here to tell you these secrets, so you can find a way to keep more of those bucks in company coffers and still let your broker earn a decent buck.

7. Look Behind the Scenes at the World of Insurance and Become a Better Negotiator

Steve Watson is here to help you delve into the world of insurance. He describes it as “Peeling back the layers of an onion.” This is information no one teaches aspiring HR professionals or CFOs. It took Steve years of exploration, collaboration, and talking with others to discover these truths and how to leverage the information in negotiations. Let him shorten your learning curve and walk out with information that will have a big impact on the way you do business.

8. How I Save Half a Million Dollars for My Company Each Year

Every year, Steve Watson is able to save his company half a million dollars, and he’s ready to tell you his secret. He uses his extensive knowledge as a CFO, a certified accountant, and an HR professional to help you see how you can do that, too. Imagine what your company leadership will say when you do the same? Would it earn you a bonus or a promotion?

If you have a specialized or unique topic that you would like him to address at your next event or conference, contact us today!


Steve is excited to show others how they, too, can learn how to maneuver in the world of insurance benefits, negotiate like a pro, save their budget, and be the hero their company needed. CONTACT US TODAY!

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