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About Steve

Steve Watson has a diverse background and a lot of titles that can be put after his name -CEO, CFO, CHRO, and CPA. It could be intimidating, until you meet him.

Rather than riding the wave and seeking ever more important positions, Steve looks for ways to give back. He grew up on a sheep farm in Utah, earned his degree in business and international finance at BYU, got married, worked in accounting, and at the age of 26, moved to Brazil and took a job as finance director for a publicly traded company.

Five years later, in 2009, he moved his growing family back to the U.S and took a position as a CFO at a mid-sized social work company in Phoenix, Arizona.. It wasn’t long before they asked him to take on the role of Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), saying the roles were similar. He wasn’t sure if they were kidding about that or not.

All the different titles he wears could be confusing, but Steve has found a unique way to put them all together and complement each other.

This is especially true in his role as CEO of TrendBreakers, a consulting business where his extensive knowledge and skills meet to help other companies break the trend of rising healthcare costs. He is also a nationally known speaker, hosts a podcast three times each week, is a married father of seven, and is bilingual in Portuguese.

Steve blends it all together seamlessly because, at his core, he loves helping people, connecting them, digging into challenges and complex scenarios, and breaking them down, so they are understandable.

While he might not have imagined that his extensive knowledge and expertise would all come together in quite this way, Steve always knew his goals would be more about others than himself. It was only natural that he would become dedicated to empowering his peers and sharing his knowledge so they can make better decisions.

In his world, numbers tell stories, and those stories can show Steve—or his peers, employees, or clients—how to save money and keep their budgets intact. What might seem overwhelming can, with Steve’s guidance, give clarity, resulting in tremendous savings both now and into the future.


Steve is excited to show others how they, too, can learn how to maneuver in the world of insurance benefits, negotiate like a pro, save their budget, and be the hero their company needed. CONTACT US TODAY!

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