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My qualifications are more than a bunch of acronyms. It puts me in a unique position to help others, like you. Making a difference in people’s lives is what matters most to me.

—Steve Watson, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Podcast Host

As a speaker, I am here to teach you how to save crazy amounts of money, how to connect with others, and what to do when you have your eyes set on the C Suite.

People always ask me if I really have all of those letters behind my name. The truth is, I’ve earned them all, and what I’ve learned lets me help you out of sticky situations and answer the questions no one else will, so you can grow professionally.

I’m here for you if (to name only a few):

  • You’re a CFO that keeps getting hit with higher healthcare premiums when your budget stays the same.
  • You want to learn how to connect better/easier with professionals in your field.
  • You want to get your insurance broker on your side of the table.
  • You want an invitation to the C Suite.
  • You want to save your company $500k each year.
  • You need to know what’s behind the healthcare veil so you can negotiate better deals for the company AND the employees.

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Steve is excited to show others how they, too, can learn how to maneuver in the world of insurance benefits, negotiate like a pro, save their budget, and be the hero their company needed. CONTACT US TODAY!

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